Internet Identity Anxiety

My life on the internet has been largely silent. I never posted in forums, I didn’t comment on posts or videos. I was in a chat room once as a young teenager, and while I don’t remember what exactly happened, I remember being yelled at by a few other people about something stupid. I never went there again, and my mother said “I told you so”. My real, physical life has been like that too though- I don’t interject or add to conversations. I had no opinions, and though I do now, I still have this fear when I want to say anything about it. I started posting on Reddit, asking questions in sub-Reddits I was interested in. And now I’ve started this blog, where there’s only one post because all I can think is “this is nothing anyone is interested in” and what’s the point. So scared my whole life of being yelled at or talked down to or simply being told I’m stupid. But I guess since this is my blog, I could tell anyone to fuck off and be okay about it haha.Even as I type this, I think that I won’t end up posting it, because…what even is this post? I guess it’s to tell others that they’re not alone? There are people out there that are just as scared, but I guess I can say that you just have to take everything with a large spoonful of salt, not just a grain, because people will be hard-nosed opinionated dicks, and be trolls, and you just have to look past that. A computer screen and the distance of the internet adds a lot of arrogance to some people.

Here’s to the nervous ones that have a lot to say but stay warily silent. Write about what you want to write about!


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