Being a FanFiction Writer

Being a FanFiction Writer

So I’m writing again. A fanfiction, but it is still writing, no matter the genre. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that me writing fanfiction is pointless, because it’s not “real” writing, that the reality of it is not professional. If others in “real life” asked what I wrote and I replied with ‘fanfiction’, I feel like they’d scoff at me.

“Okay, so not ‘real’ writing. You’re not published or anything.”

I’m published on the internet though, aren’t I? For free and public digestion too. I still had to write a story, one up with the complications and relationships and dialogue and everything EXCEPT- the characters. And maybe some of the world universe. I’d like to see those people who also usually don’t write at all and scoff at us fanfic writers, shit out a multi-chapter manuscript of orbital colonies post-Gundam wars, or dealing with PTSD after a super-hero war of galactic proportions. Or a remake of an old Disney tale with nearly everything changed except the rose and a beast!

It occurs to me that people who write fanfiction are some of the most imaginative people out there, right along with artists and musicians and geniuses! I’m not trying to toot my own horn here to say I’m along the same lines as Einstein, but that anyone who writes, whether it’s a fully original work or a fanfiction, is a goddamn writer.

You there who write blog posts, and fanfics, original stories, historical biographies, poetry- you’re writers. Do you write a lot of smut (I do, but so do published authors Duen and E. L. James), or epic battles and long adventures (J. R. R. Tolkien), or surreal narratives of life (Haruki Murakami)? Then you’re a fucking writer, and don’t let anyone else bring you down by saying it’s not real or worth anything.



And yes, doing a shameless plug here because, if you want or like to read mostly Avengers fanfiction, I write those. You can come around to “Archive of our Own” and see my stuff. And make an account of your own if you want! Everyone is very friendly and wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Being a FanFiction Writer

  1. I used to write fanfiction, so I consider it real writing. The only issue is you can’t publish fanfiction later. Well, I guess if you switch it up enough you can. I mean, look at “50 Shades” and “After.” They both started out fanfics that focused on sex.


    1. That really is the sad part about it, not being able to publish after putting a lot of work into it. But I guess if the story is so much more your own, original, than writing into the already built universe, then it might be that much easier to replace things like characters and whatnot to make it your own. Just like you said with “50 Shades of Grey” and “After”, and I even know someone personally who has published what started out as a fanfic and then it totally became her own- Duen’s book “Spectral”
      There was actually a lady I followed for a long time who was able to publish (I think) an actual fanfiction into a physical book to sell. Don’t know how the publishing rights on that worked, but it happened.


  2. It’s good to read something from another person who knows that fanfiction is actual writing! If you write Avengers fanfiction, check out my blog. I’m starting a new idea that will involve helping good fanfiction authors find more readers, and I’d love to add yours to my “fanfiction review!”


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