A Little Lunacy

A Little Lunacy

It’s a few days until July’s full moon, the Buck moon. The meaning behind this moon is mostly relaxation, which is good news for me because I’ve had a stressful couple weeks. But the Buck Moon is also about making or having made already, big plans and letting them run their course. During the course of the year by this point for most people and life in general, things have been set up, planned on, and now it’s time to let those things play out and start running on their own. Quite coincidental for me (or is it…the world works in mysterious ways) because I’ve planned an entire year of self-imposed Druidic study, and also a strict living budget to get a hefty emergency savings built up within three to four months. I am also going to attend school in the fall and have future plans for that! I did all this just a week or so before the full moon, so I feel like I’m channeling it anyways. Now that I have my plans, all I have to do is sit back and let it happen. While making sure I stick to said plans of course, because I’m part of this too!

But the Buck Moon is great for relaxing at the same time, like I said above. Meditate on your goals and plans, feel good about what you’ve accomplished and do some different work instead now- try divination. The height of the summer is soon upon us, hot and languid (for a lot of areas anyways), so it’s a good time for less physical work and more spiritual and dream-work. I’ve already begun practicing my divination, and writing down my dreams is something I’ve done since I was a child (they get so wild, I never like forgetting them). Give it a try.

On the note of full moons, it’s actually part of my study plan to celebrate the full moons of the year, making sure that I’m keeping aligned with the feeling behind each one and making goals or taking on projects to accomplish until the next moon. I’m contemplating a simple set up and celebration, a solitary thing. Maybe making an offering (luckily I live by the Sound so I may make a nice offering on the water, something the moon’s energies are attached to), a little singing (quietly, because the neighbors will think I’m a hella freak), and some candle light, no big to do. I’ve read that a lot of Wiccan’s celebrate the full or new moon under the name esbat, and it’s a nice get together and ritual. We’ll see how it goes for me.

But why should I celebrate the full moon? What purpose does it serve me when it’s a dead rock in space? Well, I’ve always felt attached to the moon. Growing up, and all through my years whenever I looked up at it I felt this overwhelming love and fullness. I couldn’t explain it to you, but I thought it was gorgeous and mysterious, ethereal. The fact that it pulls and pushes the tides of our planet is magic enough, and cultures the world over have had the same wondrous feelings about it. Why shouldn’t I celebrate it if it makes me feel so great? I’ve seen lunar eclipses that gave me that ancient fear of the wrath of the gods, super moons that made me stop and stare in wonder, pink, red, orange, and yellow moons that make me point it out to people next to me and go ‘damn that moon’s gorgeous tonight’. Seeing the moon against the daytime sky, sharing the space with the sun is like seeing a spirit that everyone else can finally see too and believe that it’s there.

Maybe I should make a whole section on here about lunar stuff too! Educational, getting to know me (and maybe you if you wish to comment and discuss), and it’s for my Druidry studies so why not?


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