Future-Casting Friday! #2

Tea used: Tamayokucha green tea

Topic: making habits





Crescent moon

    Strange cup today, had a lot of my leaves fall out into the saucer, but that’s okay, it’s all part of the reading. I couldn’t get something off my mind this morning while I was waiting for the tea to steep and that was about making habits and myself and how they relate. I am a creature of habit, not all of them necessarily good. But I’ve begun to want to change myself, be more productive, get up early and tackle things. Be happier. My goal lately has been to get up early. I usually sleep until I can sleep no more, but that means there’s no time to do anything before I have to go to work, and then after work it’s too late to do anything but go to bed. I want to get up early, do chores, do fun things, etc. Well…easier said than done. 8 or 8:30 AM is my goal and my lifestyle until this point is refusing. I’ll keep trying though. So! Onto the reading!

    There are two- yes TWO- ship and iceberg shapes here. Can you see them? One is the actual tea leaf that happens to be ship shaped. I decided not to circle everything this time, if it make it all easier to see. This cup is not merely telling me something, it’s yelling at me. It’s saying ‘HEY! This is important, pay attention!’ Honestly, it could be an island too, iceberg or island, but they can have similar meanings. Let’s start with the ship though.

    Ships are adventure or journey! Well that’s good news, because building new habits and getting things done IS a journey, though not always an easy one. There may be rough seas ahead, but my mind and body needs to pull together (maybe work together like a crew?) and buckle down to push through it.

    But there’s an iceberg (or island) ahead! Here’s where the meanings and symbols could get tricky. Let’s pick iceberg first. If there’s an iceberg ahead in my journey, it means there’s an issue I’ve reached or found, but there are underlying things there, more to the situation than can be seen or meets the eye. I’ll need to be careful and pass by safely. Here’s a thought- I have depression, and lately fatigue has been pushing me back into the pillows so that I can’t get up when I want to in the mornings. Maybe there’s more there under that iceberg of depresssion that’s holding me back. If this were an island, it would mean I’ve reached a steady point or my goals have been met and now I can dig up my rewards. It’s possible that having two ships and two iceberg/island shapes next to each other is my ship getting to the iceberg, getting past it, and then reaching an island like I’ve gotten over what I needed to. So many ways to interpret, but the gist of it is that there will be obstacles, though how deep they go is a dangerous mystery.

    The next two deals with my Druidic studies- a crescent moon, and a patch of forest or mountains. If you’ve been following this blog, you may know that I’ve begun to dedicate myself to my faith (which is Druidry) and imposed on myself a year-long study of certain aspects around it. Part of that is to celebrate and align with the full moon. I know it’s a crescent moon in my cup, but a solid circle of tea leaves does not make me think ‘moon’. Coincidentally (or is it?) the full moon, and my first veneration of it, is coming in a couple days, and I need to make sure I have everything I need, and a basic first ritual set up. This will happen every month, and become a habit, so I believe it its here in this reading. My cup is reminding me that ‘hey, the Buck moon is a couple days away, and you still haven’t made your ritual. Thought you said you were gonna get your shit together.’ And it would be right. That’s what I’m doing tomorrow actually- it’s written in my planner. 

Then the other symbol is some forest or mountains. More Druidry stuff, but there could be some darker meaning as well, just like the ship and iceberg I had earlier. I’m supposed to be developing a personal cosmology (which is small for now, but Im actually quite pleased with what I have so far) and supposed to be planting an tending a tree, taking walks with nature to become aligned. After working, there’s no walking around in the middle of the night for me. Too tired and it’s dangerous. I could walk during the day, but my chair is so comfy and these YouTube videos won’t watch themselves…That’s where my habits need to change. If I’m serious, I need to get out there and do what- yes that’s right, get my shit together. I’m slowly starting to go ‘Zero Waste’ and trying to help the environment, saving trees and the Earth in general, and that just can’t happen if I’m sitting on my ass watching Buzzfeed all day long.

For the ‘darker’ side of these symbols, it’s merely that the road to good habits could be long and winding in a big dark forest, where it’s easy to get lost or stumble. The mountains are high and hard to climb, but there’s a spot right at the top for me if I can do this right, a spot where I can look out over the world and cheer! I DID IT!!

    My cup is telling me there are tough journeys ahead, rough seas and big obstacles, possibilities to lose my way, but there’s light at the end if I can make it. There’s a flag to be stuck into the ground on Good Habit Island (or Mountain) after dealing with my problems and sticking to my schedule, to claim my rightful place!


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