Future-Casting Friday! #3

Tea used: Assam

Topic: General Reading


Continental USA


Unicorn or Stag

Nauthiz rune

Laguz rune reversed

    Today’s reading interests me because it’s a general reading, meaning there is no basing what I see on any topic- I’ll have to see the symbolism only behind the symbols and make my own assumptions. Let’s get started!

    Top-down, there are two free-roaming twigs. People visiting! People I may know or not! But let’s look further: Just beside and below are a couple symbols of the Elder Furthark. The Elder Furthark are ancient Norse runes, reportedly created by Odin after quite a bit of sacrifice. So what I see is first the Nauthiz rune, which reports first and foremost, resistance into strength. This rune is about personal achievement and effort put into it. Life lessons, in short. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? So the next rune directly beside it is the Laguz rune, but it is reversed. Now, reversed runes doesn’t necessarily mean the opposite of it’s meaning; it’s more like it’s meaning is just stronger in a negative fashion. For instance, Laguz traditionally reads as the swelling tide of unconscious growth like memory, dreams, developing second sight, etc. I say “swelling tides” because it is the symbol of water, mostly of the sea. So this is exploration and growth of what’s below the surface. Reversed would mean confusion and the ebb of a tide- making bad decisions, feeling stunted. Together, these two runes tell me that I will have made a resistance to these bad decisions. Will I have taken control of my life, pointed out my goals and said “that’s what I want, and I will have it”, putting a stopper on the confusion and desperation in my life? Hmm…

    Next down is another set of symbols I will bunch together- the man and stag. Now, it could be a unicorn with horns, but what I saw first was a stag, so we’re sticking with it. The man interests me, because I can’t be sure what his intentions are. He is pointing at the stag, but is he cheering and celebrating, or going in for the kill? The man is a person I’m interpreting as myself. So what does the stag represent? He looks boney- it could be dead already, and the man is outraged. It would symbolize the death of nature, wildlife, by man’s hand, and that already is not much of a stretch. I don’t need my cup to tell me that. There’s another bit of leaf between and above the two symbols, and if I take that into consideration as a whole picture- it’s a moon. And the buck moon of July just passed. It could be an interpretation of myself in one year, when my self-imposed study will be complete and I’ll be celebrating the buck moon with confidence and pep, continuing my druid work with my Order. This line of thought in conjunction with the two runes from earlier says that I’ll have learned a lot, grown as a person and become stronger in my spiritual life, which is extremely important to me. 

    Last, is a strange thing for me to see- the continental United States of America. It’s not exact of course, but it’s immediately what I saw looking into my cup. What does a country mean? Will I be traveling- maybe my dance with next years buck moon will be somewhere across the country! Or in connection with the man and stag above (which is at the bottom of the cup with the country, therefore may be seen and interpreted together)- the man could be attacking or ready to attack the stag, which symbolises nature or wildlife, and it happens over the whole country. Is nature in America under attack? What I read about sure says it is. 

What are my messages here this Friday-

1. I will have taken control of my life and decisions, moving forward, and continuing a fruitful journey through my druidry that may take me places, far away possibly. 

2. I will have gotten my shit together, seen the truth, and need to take action against the plundering of our natural resources and the destruction of our wildlife.

We’ll see how this cup holds up in one year!


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