Future-Casting Friday! #4

Tea used: Assam

Topic: General

Symbols Found:


Woman holding a swan

Bat (animal)

Tornado & Cross


    I am very distracted today…tense. I have this feeling at the top of my head like something bad is going to happen, or negative energy is floating around. Can’t relax and can’t shake this feeling. The inside of my cup was very chaotic as well, so let’s see what it has to say. 

    In the beginning, there’s a bird; flying, possibly diving down. A bird can symbolize (for me) curiosity, freedom, but today in conjunction with another symbol that comes up later, I think it’s more simple than that. Today, the bird symbolizes the day, when the sun is up, and all my feelings and thoughts that occur during it. Nice and easy.

    Immediately after the bird is a shape that I had a difficult time at first picking what it could be. I saw the Headless Horseman (complete with steed), upside down it was clearly a dragon, but the surrounding tea leaves form also the shape of a woman…grasping an animal by the neck. I think it’s a swan, but it could be any long necked animal like a giraffe or dragon, etc. After deciding the best interpretation is that of a woman, this cups symbols fell into place for me. This cup is not telling my future or guiding me towards something, but it’s stating the facts of my mind, basically saying “hey, this is what’s been bogging you down- work on that”. I won’t go into detail about the woman and me as the swan, but I think you can interpret for yourself. Why am I the swan in this cup? I have no idea. The swan encompasses beauty, elegance, and mystique to me, and I’m not really any of that hahaha.

    Next is a bat, the flying animal, not for sports. And while it symbolizes community and ingenuity, here it is simply the bird of the night. My thoughts and feelings that come up in the dark. Easy again, I like those. 

    Coming in from the bat, during the night, there’s one symbol that is two. It’s a cross (the religious kind), inside a tornado. This all makes sense to me, another realization that has only recently come to me, and now here it is in my cup, telling me to get my stuff together. The faith that I’ve been building has been very conflicting and confusing for me the past few days, and I’ve only just discovered why. I’ve been trying to fit myself into the beliefs of others, being part of the group and fitting in, even when my beliefs really don’t fit in. I’ve never been one to run with the herd, not that I’m actively trying to go against the grain, I’m just being true to myself because that’s what’s right for me. So my faith was (and still is a little, though it’s coming down) in a tornado- being swung about every which way and not finding it’s place. Well I’ve decided to run on my own again, running MY path and making it its own. Now I just have to let the storm settle.

    So in my interpretations, this is a cup of letting go, following my own path, and learning how to leave behind that which doesn’t build me up. 

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