Future-Casting Friday! # 5

Tea used: OolongTopic: Becoming visible (or becoming a Youtuber)



Today is going to be short and sweet on this tea reading. I couldn’t stop thinking about my newest wonderings of can-i-do, which is Youtubing. I never thought of being a Youtuber until about a year ago, watching Markiplier, and Robin Clonts (and many others I watch)…and wondering. What could I do? What do I have to show others? The reality- not much. But what is Markiplier doing but playing games and being funny? What is Robin Clonts doing but painting, talking about her experiences and exploring style? All it is is saying hello to someone, and putting the camera there. Someone will watch. I started this blog not to be famous or get my name out there, but to maybe teach or help another someone who wonders about the same things as myself. Someone who wants to learn or try things. YouTube is a big audience. My cup today is straight and to the point, and I could only see one symbol and could only focus on it. A ship. A tall ship.
We’ve seen the ship before, if you follow my weekly tasseography- it’s adventure. New journeys and exploration. Seeing this ship in my cup tells me that I need to stop worrying over the intricacies of ‘how will I get followers’ or ‘who would even care to watch me do nothing’, and just fucking do it. Just do it. I’m an intense creature of habit, so much so that I freak out just a little inside (seriously, my heart flutters for a minute) when I have to park in a different area of the grocery store parking lot, or when a friend asks to hang out. But I’m trying so hard to let go of that and adventure, find my happy and do exactly what I want. Next Friday there will still be a post of Future-Casting Friday, but there will also be a video on YouTube. I have to try, right?


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