About Wheynet

What is there to say about me? I’m Wheynet, the maker of this blog with a lot of thoughts to think. They mostly come upon me while I putz around on Pinterest, or while I’m standing around at work. I never used to think…I know that sounds weird and not nice to say, but I think it’s the truth. I took many things at face value and didn’t care to wonder about the state of the world, or even just my general location or people. I wanted to watch movies and draw. Now as of late I’ve “woken up”, and begun to give a crap about things, though I don’t feel like I’m capable of making much of a difference. That’s why I’m here online, because while nobody has to read these silly things I write about, maybe they can help someone think too. You never know.

More specifically of me- I’m a shortish person with three whack-job cats and a couple girlfriends. I like to wear a rainbow of lipstick colors, playing city-building economical games as well as puzzle and survival games. I read dystopian novels, and write a lot of different fictional tales that never get finished. I garden, I paint, I cross-stitch, and play Pokemon cards. But that’s just what I do. I’m chaotically organized and indecisive. I ramble and lose track of my thoughts and usually have a hard time making my point and can’t actually gather my thoughts together unless I can write them down and look at where I was going. Don’t ask me where I want to go for dinner because I don’t care.

If this helps at all- this is me chilling at home.