Future-Casting Friday! Tea Reading 1

Tea used: Tamayokucha green tea
Topic: Work and Money

Mythical Sea serpent OR a camel
Wall sconce torch
Owl, pointing with one wing
Bubbles all along half of the rim
     The bubbles along half of the rim of my cup symbolize an abundance of money in my present time, which at this precise moment isn’t quite true, but I have also landed a job where I’m making significantly more money than I had been- I just haven’t gotten paid yet. So I’ve made the money, but have yet to get it in my hands. We’re off to a great start, everyone needs and likes to have money. These bubbles are actually caused by the sugar I put in my tea this morning. I almost never put sugar in my tea reading cup, but something prompted me to today.
     Moving along, close to the very end of my trail of bubbles is what I see as an owl. He has no bottom half, but very long, almost regal cape-like wings, and one of them points up at the end of my bubble trail. Owls are to me, as well as traditionally seen as, something wise. Adorable, but wise, and also pretty gruesome hunters. The owl pointing up at the end of the money bubbles tells me that my nice flow of cash will end (disappointing), but that I need to be aware of this fact and be WISE with what I have. Plan ahead and be safe with my money. This is something everyone should be doing anyways, but I’ve had a uneven history with spending a lot of of money once I have a lot of it. I’ve already decided to start getting my shit together and start budgeting, and to continue that budget even after I’ve made more money than necessary. The owl is in the middle of the cup, meaning this is the near future (could be a week to a month or more), and I already know that this nice money-making job is temporary and will end in three months. It’s time to buckle down!
    Next is a wall sconce, or torch in my present timeline. I’ve seen this before actually, and it means to find something stable to hold onto a passion. To put something on the back burner or maybe just to take baby steps and measure out rather than jumping in and immersing full on. While I’d like to attribute this torch to my Druidry study- which I’ve finally made a study plan for for the course of a year, baby steps every week, this reading is about work. My money-making job. Now, my previous job, I obsessed over until I was sick, being upset and my performance becoming lack-luster because of it. This time around, I’ve taken it day by day, making sure I’m in a good mood when I arrive, and when the day is done, forgetting about it. Because tomorrow is another day. Another new start. So I’ve already taken the initiative of the torch! Go me!
    Finally we get to the last symbol in my cup. This symbol could be one of two things: a sea serpent (you know the kind that would be drawn on old maps?) or a camel. Here’s what happens- if it’s  camel (and it starts in the middle of my cup and goes down to the base where my distant future OR outcome awaits) it could be seen as accumulating savings. An emergency savings for when the money runs dry (like a camel with it’s hump full of fat and venturing into the desert). The camel is saying I’ll need to have that back-up security because maybe there’s drought ahead.
    The sea serpent could be good news or bad news depending on how I’d like to interpret it, but maybe it can be both. Generally, I could see the sea serpent as a personification of myself and lucrative future: swimming in money. Maybe I made a ton of money with this new job and used it WISELY and then I end up feeling like I’m quite a rich woman (by normal standards). On the bad side, this creature could signify that I was bad with my money, making funds as elusive as a mythical sea serpent in the great big seas. Maybe if I take it as a warning of what could be if I fuck up, or as a good sign if I keep it together, then I can be more thoughtful with my money along the journey. The bottom of the cup can be the distant future, or an OUTCOME of a situation. In any case, the camel or the serpent, I should be wise with my work and money, ready for the future of drought or luxury.
    I really had fun with this one, and glad that the interpretation went so smooth and made sense. Does this make you want to read your own tea leaves? I know my girlfriend’s interest was piqued when I read her my cup. Check back for another reading on the next Future-Casting Friday!

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